Ramesh S Arunachalam

It is indeed preposterous to suggest that Bernie Sanders drop out of the democratic primary race. Irrespective of whether Bernie gets the democratic nomination or not, in my opinion, people like Bernie Sanders are ONCE IN A LIFE TIME candidates. Look at the impact that Bernie has had on the “Political Discourse” in the United States in such a short time. Simply Fantastic!

First, are the youngsters Bernie has brought into the political process and I love seeing the energy, enthusiasm, fresh ideas and of course, idealism that they bring to the process. I have spoken to people in several countries and they are indeed jealous that they have not had such a candidate (like Bernie) who could inspire their youth and bring about a genuine political revolution! Going forward, participation of these young people in the electoral process should do wonders for the political economy in the United States. And the real impact of Bernie’s political revolution in America will perhaps be felt 10 years from now!

Second, the issues that Bernie has brought forth to the electioneering table are substantively superior and will have significant long-term impact for the United States, as a country. Debate is very critical to the political process and I am sure that late George Washington and his colleagues had a lot of debate (then) when they were looking ahead at the future of their new country. And there are no two doubts that Bernie has raised the level of the debate with Hillary in a significant manner. As a consequence, together, their overall discussions in the democratic primaries could result in more inclusive policies for the American people! And as many of you will agree, inclusion is the global buzz word today. We have inclusive finance, inclusive health, inclusive education and so on and a lot of these ideas have indeed originated from the United States. And unless we have inclusive politics, other forms of inclusion will remain at the periphery! So, I am very delighted to see serious discussions on “inclusiveness”, “equality” and the like in the political process in the United States! It could become a global trend setter for REAL inclusive politics worldwide!

Third, what has been simply brilliant is the manner in which Bernie has gone about funding his campaign very successfully from ordinary individual people. The fact that he has managed to get this far without a super PAC and more importantly, that he has been able to finance his electioneering without getting money from the billionaires says it all. As the song of my favorite band - the Beatles - goes, just like ‘money can't buy you love’, money should not be able to buy you votes! That, in my opinion is a REALLY huge contribution that Bernie Sanders has made to the political process in the United States and even his worst critics would admit that!

Given the above reasons and given that more than half the electorate in the United Stated have not yet made their choice, is it not UNDEMOCRATIC to even ask Bernie to QUIT the electoral scene at this point in time! Without any doubt, the people of the United States deserve a fair chance to hear all view points and make a rational choice (as Herbert Simon would argue), which could STILL be BERNIE SANDERS after all...