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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Democracy at its Best: Bernie Sanders and His Amazing Rally at Washington Square Park, New York, April 13th 2016

Ramesh S Arunachalam

Washington Square Park is about a 10 acre public park in the Greenwich Village neighbourhood of Lower Manhattan, New York City. And whenever I visited New York, I would always go there for the charm that the place exuded and I have been there many, many times in my life time!

But on 13th April, 2016, this place charmed me because it was a witness to a people led event that symbolized democracy at its very best! The Bernie Sanders rally was simply amazing because it was held amidst aggressive and TOP media and in the heat of the 19th April (2016) primary in the heart of New York

Forget the opinion polls and disregard them I would say. They are irrelevant when candidates like Bernie beat the official narrative hands down! And like the earlier erroneous predictions about the Michigan primary, they could SIMPLY go off target!

Any way polls don’t matter when you see crowds like at Washington Park (April 13th 2016) and you begin to wonder whether the elections are indeed fair and just – especially, when you hear stories of many people getting knocked off the lists, their affiliations changed without their knowledge and so on and so forth!

A crowd of 27000 or thereabouts within the park and a total of SUPPOSEDLY 48000 including those outside (as per reports based on NYPD), this was Bernie Sanders at his best at Washington Park! His other rallies in New York have also been great! This is what we all want from our leaders – to be honest, to inspire, to lead and to walk the talk! And Bernie has done that brilliantly and you can feel the energy and enthusiasm of this huge crowd!

And when a candidate is drawing crowds like Bernie is, he must stay on in the race and fight till the VERY end. Without a doubt, it is the bound and duty of every politician to listen to his or her constituents and I am really glad that Bernie Sanders is just doing that! And coming to the people who are asking him to quit now, this would be my response –

“Bernie just shattered Obama’s record crowd at the same venue in New York in 2008 and you are asking Bernie Sanders to quit the democratic primaries!!! Common! You must be out of your mind! What you are asking is neither fair nor realistic!”

Mark my words dear friends! Something truly phenomenal is happening in the United States and I am of the firm belief that something fantastic will come out of the Bernie Sanders political uprising! Agreed that sometimes, one/two Bernie’s supporters/speakers MAY cross the line but let us look at the bigger picture of this phenomenal political upheaval (never seen before in recent times in the United States)! No wonder that the political establishment feels really shaken! Here is a true political revolution and if you look at the issues that Bernie is talking about today, it reminds me a lot about the GREAT FDR (Late Franklin Delano Roosevelt) and the New Deal of the 1930s, when similar exploitation and vulnerabilities existed, similar solutions were proposed and they worked alright!

So, folks, time to give Bernie Sanders a fair chance and not write him off! He is a once in a life time candidate who needs to be cherished for a life time and beyond!!!

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