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Saturday, March 5, 2016


Dear Friends/Colleagues

Good evening to my friends in the Orient and Good morning to my friends in the Occident! I am happy to announce a new INTERNATIONAL training workshop titled,


Without any doubt, political risk is a STRATEGIC RISK that needs to be managed proactively and this workshop will provide a fresh, innovative perspective based on real life situations of MFIs on “how to monitor and manage POLITICAL RISK?”

The dates for the proposed training workshop are JUNE 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2016 and it will be held at New Delhi, India.

Complete details on the training workshop will be released on March 10th 2016. Watch this space for more information!


Kind Regards

Ramesh S Arunachalam




• A 3 day full scale TRAINING workshop on a hitherto less understood topic... little is KNOWN about the factors that enhance political risk and the strategies that can be used to manage political risk... The proposed training workshop will focus on these aspects...to facilitate REAL WORLD PROBLEM SOLVING by MFIs...

• The workshop uses the world’s largest microfinance market, INDIA, which is witnessing burgeoning growth and which has seen the world’s largest microfinance crisis, as the learning laboratory...nonetheless the concepts are applicable globally as the facilitator, Ramesh S Arunachalam, has extensive experience of working with governments, politicians and bureaucrats in 29 countries in the last 28 years... on diverse financial sector development assignments...

• Participants will gain practical skills and knowledge through rigorous experiential, vicarious and where applicable, evidence based learning...audio visual clips will form a very important part of the workshop material...

• The Workshop will only use real life situations (through simple cases and situational briefs disguised for confidentiality) including those from the 2010 Andhra Pradesh microfinance crisis, which, to date, constitutes the best example of political risk impacting microfinance!!! The workshop will also use other examples from real life situations globally to ensure a wide exposure to managing political risk in diverse environments...

• The workshop will provide new insights and fresh perspectives based on a candid assessment of the ground reality, without any conflict (s) of interest (s)...to facilitate true learning, skill development and problem solving...


• Ramesh S Arunachalam, will be the facilitator and he has over 28 years of grass-roots and institutional experience in financial sector development including what is today called as microfinance and financial inclusion.

• During a career spanning over 28 years, Ramesh has completed 260 professional assignments globally. Over 100 of these assignments have been with Governments and this has afforded him a very unique understanding of how politicians, members of parliament, bureaucrats and other stakeholders in Government work and perceive the private sector. As a result, Ramesh’s exposure to factors causing Political Risk as well as strategies to be used for Managing such (political) Risks are well grounded in reality...

• As on date, Ramesh has worked in about 570 districts of India and also travelled and worked extensively in about 29 countries in Asia, Africa, North America, Europe and the Caribbean across diverse projects (in senior positions). He is passionate about his work and brings strong inter-disciplinary insight to his assignments.

• His clients include governments (Governments of India, St Lucia, Singapore, Malawi, Uganda, Philippines, Afghanistan etc, several State Governments in India and many GoI Institutions like NCRPB, SIDBI, NABARD etc), bi-lateral agencies (DFID, USAID, DANIDA, NORAD, SIDA etc), multi-lateral agencies (UNDP, World Bank, ADB, IFAD, The Commonwealth Secretariat etc), international NGOs (CARE, HIVOS etc), regulators, commercial banks, investment banks, microfinance institutions, private sector firms and several other stakeholders globally.

 • He has authored numerous reports/studies/papers as part of his assignments, several of which have been published internationally and received global recognition. His blog on microfinance has been very well received and he has also penned two books - The Journey of Indian Microfinance and An Idea Which Went Wrong: Commercial Microfinance in India – both of which, have received critical acclaim. His latest work is an entertaining crime thriller novel – Where Angels Prey – released globally in April 2015 through AuthorsUpFront and has been very well received by the market.

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