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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Get ready to enter the world of micro-financing corruption!, May 10, 2015, by Richard and Liz

This review is from: Where Angels Prey (Kindle Edition)

Starting in September 2010 and ending in August 2011, you will read a story that could actually be truth not fiction. For the reader who has no previous knowledge of micro-financing you might find this all a little tough to follow. At times, I felt the storyline got a little bogged down with all the details, sometimes reading more like a history book. On the other hand it was essential to understand the past in order to comprehend what was going on in the present. There are also a great number of characters introduced in this book in varying parts of the world.

As to the story, the stock of SAMMAAN Microfinance is now officially listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, a cause for great celebration or is it? Bob, a senior economics correspondent for the New York Post sees a story coming out of all this. As he plans a trip to India, he gets a chance to be present at a speech given by Prasad Kamimeni, Founder Chairman of SAMMAAN in Boston, before he leaves. Bob is skeptical as to whether the micro-financing is actually changing lives. He arranges to meet Prasad in India. Once he has arrived, Bob is surprised to see his journalist friend Chandresh whom he has been trying to get hold of for the last two weeks. What can they uncover together?

Throughout the book the reader is taken to India and into different homes and situations which allows you to see the corruption and thus desperation first hand. Pressure begins to mount as more and more suicides are reported. Can Bob, Chandresh and other upright people make a difference?

This is a well-written, clean book that is not too long of a read. It is not what I would call a thriller as it really doesn't keep you on the edge of your seat. In some ways I would like to class it as historical fiction but as the story only occurred in the last few years and could still be going on today that is not the right genre either! Well worth a read and may give you the desire to look into the truth a little more closely.

Please note that I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thanks, Liz

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