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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Folks, I Am Back in Circulation...

Dear Friends

It has been a long time since I posted and the good news is that I will be restarting my blogging/writing from the last week of March 2013

The break of over a year has been wonderful and I am refreshed and enthusiastic

Do watch out for articles on Financial Inclusion, Micro-Finance, Regulation and Supervision in the Financial Sector, Farm Loan Waivers and the discrepancies therein (about which I incidentally did write about as far back as 2010), credit bureaus and their functioning and the like - both at this blog and also at Moneylife.

The 2nd edition of my book is titled

"An Idea Which Went Wrong: Commercial Micro-Finance in India" is under process and should be out in the stands by Mid or End May 2013. The book is about 370 pages (10inches by 8inches) and what differentiates it from the past edition are seven features: a) Sharpened analysis; b) Crisp professional editing; c) No anonymous names and all statements and inferences are transparent; d) Focus on the entire value chain in the low income financial sector including MIVs and others and their regulation and supervision; e) Objective updation of the situation in India as on date with a focus on the proposed Micro-Finance Bill; f) Lessons for the global community from India's Commercial Micro-Finance Experience; and g) A full chapter on impact. I have taken all the feedback received very seriously and must place special emphasis on the fact that this second edition would not have come out but for the persistent admonition from a couple of Journalist friends - who prefer anonymity - that there would be consequences if the book did not come out on time. A sincere thanks to these friends indeed!

Thanks folks and look forward to being in touch with all of you hereafter again! There will be an e book version that should be priced around US $ 7 - 9 and trying to ensure that the printed version does not cost more than US $ 15 - 18 so that it can be widely accessed and used.

I have made sure that the book is available nationally and internationally across a range of retailers and stores. Watch this space for more updates and active promotion will be evident from mid-April and you will be able to pre-order the book after mid-April 2013

Look forward to your feedback on the book