Where Angels Prey

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Where Angels Prey, May 15, 2015, by Lennette

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This review is from: Where Angels Prey (Kindle Edition)

As the title Where Angels Prey by Ramesh S. Arunachalam suggests, things that seem to be too good to be true need to be viewed with skepticism. The microfinance firms in India pledged to make loans available to the poor people of India who otherwise would not qualify for money from banks. Prasad Kamineni has good intentions when he starts up SAMMAAN Microfinance in India but finds himself on the slippery slope of greed by the time the company opens on the stock exchange. With foreign investors now in the mix, emphasis shifts from the poor people of India to profit making. The very solution to their problems becomes a curse as microfinance firms flood the villages with loans knowing that the recipients cannot repay them. Two journalists team up to investigate the actions of these businesses and uncover all manner of shady dealings to include kidnapping, murder and suicide. I could not help but feel for the victims of this system and it reminds me of the title loans that I hear some people take out these days. This story is about crime in high places and how the rich gain their fortunes at the expense of the poor. The journalists get to the bottom of the treachery and publish the results nationwide, putting the names of the bad guys out there for the world to see. The author kept me interested in the story although I did have trouble keeping some of the names and titles straight. The author’s writing style pulled me in and made my heart ache while reading about the exploitation of the poor people of India. He made me want to see the bad guys punished and I was impressed with his facts about the microfinance sector. Each chapter transitioned easily to the next and I recommend this book to those who enjoy the hunt for the bad guys in the world of high finance crime. The book cover shows a man with wings, giving the impression that he is an angel. The question is whether the angel is one of the players in the finance arena or is the angel one of the journalists? The results will surprise you.

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